Two Weeks Every Summer

Stories from Camp Meeting

A collection of short stories inspired by old-timey camp meeting - a mix of religious revival, family reunion and small-town carnival. Thousands of people come together during the hottest part of a North Carolina summer, to stay in side-by-side primitive cabins and enjoy traditions that go back nearly 200 years. Camp meeting has endured through thunderstorms and bad roads, the Civil War and two World Wars, fire, earthquake and twenty-first century technology. These twenty stories span that entire period of time, from the early years when 'tents' were actually tents, to the present day when so many people question where this world is headed, and hope to find their faith renewed in the pews of an open-air arbor, and by holding hands with loved ones around a table. As one camper has said, "Camp meeting is not just a place with old shacks. It is our heart and soul and the very fabric that holds our community together.



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