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Around the Campground

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

On Sunday morning, my husband and I walked around the campground. It was early and things were still quiet. At one tent, a young couple sat on the front porch with their two children – a baby in a swing and a preschooler who was pushing the swing. We said our cheery ‘good morning’ and they responded, and the baby giggled.

On another porch, a woman was carefully sweeping. Again, the pleasant greetings as we walked on by. A couple of young girls went past, carrying lawn chairs, and we could see a few folks heading toward the arbor for morning service.

Everything was very quiet and serene, but a little lonely. Usually, I would visit my sisters at their tent, but they didn’t open it up this year. Fears of Covid-19. Indeed, one of my sisters was in quarantine at her home for a while, after a co-worker tested positive. My sister’s test fortunately came back negative and she has returned to work, but that incident scared us all. In fact, out of our extended family of about 25 members, several have been exposed. So far, all have tested negative. We’ve been lucky.

To me, it looked as though a fair percentage of tents have been opened up for Big Week. Whether the families keep their socializing limited to a small group, or whether they’re up for everything that camp meeting has to offer, they’re at least giving it a try. Some of the benefits of being there can still be received, even if it’s under a ‘new normal’.

These photos were mostly taken in previous years, going back over a decade. They show that camaraderie and friendly spirit that is a hallmark of camp meeting. The friendships created at camp meeting can last over many decades. Whether you were able to make it to camp meeting this year or not, the friendships and memories endure. Maybe if you’re nostalgic but still a bit leary of attending, you could walk through the campground in the quiet morning when there aren’t as many people around, and just refresh your soul with the sights and sounds. Big Sunday approaches!

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