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Updated: Sep 19, 2020

One of the effects of living close to others at camp meeting is we get glimpses into other people’s lives and camp experiences. Walking down the passways in the evening, we see into lit-up tents. We see families out together on their porches. We see kids playing and sweethearts walking hand-in-hand. Without even trying to be nosy, we see things we wouldn’t at home.

Even within our own families, we might see a few things much more up close and personal. We see our parents’ morning rituals – that cup of coffee, the buttered English muffin, the slow waking-up or “Rise and Shine!” morning enthusiams. (My Mom was always “rise and shine!”. My Dad, not so much!) We see our nephews and nieces bickering among themselves before settling down to play a game. We see the polite skirmishes between grown siblings that echo those skirmishes of old - so familiar and easy to fall into.

I can’t help it. I love to watch the family dynamics. I love to see us all laughing at the same old jokes or get enthusiastically carried away discussing a recent episode of Dancing with the Stars or quoting old movie lines. I love seeing how certain cousins always bond at camp meeting. I enjoy keeping track as grandkids hit new milestones – this one beginning to walk, that one graduating to ‘big boy’ underwear. I love seeing their personalities develop.

I get a real big kick out of seeing a nephew able to remind us so well – by his comments and gestures – of his father, our brother, gone too soon.

And I see those dynamics and graduations in other families as well. That family across the way who always has a big gathering on Big Sunday to take a group photo. That other family where two sisters got married only a year apart and are now bringing in grandchildren in stairstep fashion. That wild-haired young man who’s so protective of his aged grandfather. I really just love it.

So here are some photos taken over the years of glimpses I’ve gotten at camp meeting. Maybe you’ll see yourself in them. Or maybe you’ll be reminded of those glimpses you have received. Hope you enjoy.

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