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Goin' to The Shack

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Everyone goes to The Shack. Whether you’re a school-age kid hoping to score a squirt gun or some Glow-rings, or a teenager hoping to spy that special someone, The Shack is Where It’s At.

There’s nothing better than making your way over there for ice cream or a burger, and eating it on the way back to your tent, stopping to visit with everyone you pass. The folks behind the counter are happy to help with your selection, and you can catch up with friends and neighbors while you stand in line.

In the ‘olden times’, there was a dining room for visiting preachers, and various church women would volunteer to cook for them. Now the East Lincoln High School marching band provides those hard workers who help you out with a cooling soft drink while raising funds for their competition band.

A few year ago (how many, now?), the Shack was upgraded with handsome exterior stone walls, but I believe its location has been the same at least since the 1970’s. Even folks who don’t attend camp meeting are aware of The Shack if they drive along Campground Road. Pretty hard to miss the crowds gathered and the sense of small-town carnival. There’s many a toddler who got their first taste of ice cream at The Shack and many an old-timer who wouldn’t miss out on some of the sweet iced tea.

Just come on down and hang out a while. Pretty soon, you’ll see just about everyone you know.

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